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The UMOUNT BOH takes the  toughness of the MINIE but adds user convenience with the UMOUNT body. BOH which stands for Base or Headpiece. The headpiece holds your magnet but can also act as a base on magnetic metals The body allows users to strategically locate and place their device practically in all directions and with a tighten of the screw, hold it in place. Comes with a gear design for rotation to allow for precise adjustment. The BOH features our magnet head which is a game changer to take your phone on or off the mount. Make your BOH, and you’ll love it just as much as it loves you.* Parts can be interchanged or added. Check the shop now section.

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-The BOH S1 series includes our strong and reliable suction cup base. This base is typical for those who mount to flat surfaces such as windows, metal plates, smooth flat plastic etc. Our suction cup was designed to last and with a simple latch provides easy installation. (will not work on porous materials such as leather)



-The BOH S2 series includes our unique rotating sticky base. This base has more of a semi permanent approach with the feel of mobility as it allows you to rotate 360 from the base or tighten the screw and hold in place.. Just peel and place in your desired location like your office or dashboard. Good for most surfaces. (will not work on porous materials such as leather)


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